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Coping with COVID-19 Part 1: A Newsy Neighbors Special Report

March 16th, 2020

The Newsy Neighbors brave the Coronavirus outbreak to bring you this special episode. Reporting live from ground zero we break down and discuss the preparations all should be taking and the hypothetical situations they should be prepared to face in the near future. As COVID-19 is striking fear throughout the country it's going to take a lot more than impending doom to stop the podcast. Join us as we face the virus head on in part of a two part special report.

Bio-Terrorism Strike in Philadelphia Apartment Building

March 10th, 2020

The Newsy Neighbors are back this week to share a few tall tales from yesteryear that may or may not be relatable to the listening audience. Join us as we figure out who we are and what we are in episode 2 of the third season of the podcast. We may be off the rails but we are certainly moving forward. Tune in and remember: this is the stupidest way to consume your "news"? 

Philadelphia School Counselor Claims Movie “Dangerous Minds” Inspiration for Gross Negligence

February 10th, 2020

The Newsy Neighbors are back and this time we made a few changes. We are working up a new format for the show and it will take a few more all nighters to get right but don't worry, we stocked up on enough Mountain Dew to handle the task. This time around the only thing we know is that we are going loose... The rest we will just have to figure out later. Enjoy the historic trial run in this very special episode of the Newsy Neighbors Podcast and send us your thoughts at

Newsy Neighbors Press Release - We are going rogue

February 10th, 2020

PSA from the Newsy Neighbors - Going Rogue Bear With Us

S3 E1 Dude No Longer Amused With News

January 22nd, 2020

The Newsy Neighbors return for their third season reporting on all things stupid. Only this time minus one special cupid. Join us as we say goodbye to a corespondent in a heartfelt episode that will leave even the toughest men teary eyed. The newsy world never stops turning as we find out the hard way. You know what they say... When one door closes the news opens a window for all neighbors to crawl through and launch a new season that is even stupider than before. Don't sing the blues dude, consume your news. 

S2 Ep. 11 Is your Boyfriend Stefan or Steve Urkel? Take this quiz to find out!

January 3rd, 2020

***FCC DISCLAIMER*** The Newsy Neighbors Podcast is the stupidest way to consume your news. Please use discretion upon consumption... 

The Neighbors are back after spending the holidays explaining to their families why they quit their jobs to podcast. This week we have Nicey LIVE in studio for a special Nice Crispy Treat to snack on after your Thanksgiving Turkey. Yes, its been that long since we aired a new episode but let not your heart be troubled we have 3 in the tank and a whole new season in store in the coming weeks! Yes you are not hearing things, we are back and zainier than ever.

We dive into one of our generations biggest debates: Who was cuter... Stefan or Steve Urkel? All this and more as we take you on a ride into the rabbit hole as the castmates do their best to explain the zain in all things newsy.

New Year, New Newsy... Stupider than ever before

S2 Ep. 10 Men’s Warehouse Loses Millions in Class Action Lawsuit to Customers Who Dislike The Way They Look

December 1st, 2019

Gather around the Papa Johns Pizza for another episode of the Newsy Neighbors Podcast oozing with cheese this week as we take a deep dive on the topics that matter. 

Would you buy a suit if a stranger guaranteed that you would like the way you look in it? So would I. Join the cast in a round table discussion surrounding the man behind the voice of the Men's Warehouse powerhouse marketing campaign. 

Thinking about a barbed wire tattoo? So are we and we will tell you why. Also, Nicey recounts another time he looked around and found himself saying "Fuck, I'm high...." All this and more to keep your tootsies warm this week.

Join the show and send us your questions! Live phone calls and other neat things coming in season 3.

S2 Ep. 9 Outbreak of Fly White Boys Sweep Nation According to CDC Report

November 18th, 2019

FCC Disclaimer! We are required, by law, to inform the listening audience that The Newsy Neighbors Podcast is the stupidest way to consume your news. For that reason we're back and reporting on this weeks stupidest news topics in history and of late.

Topics ranging from the merits of Nickelback to the demerits of Yodeling in Walmart leave the cast perplexed about who would suck who. Take a trip down the proverbial wormhole to the M41 cluster of stars and find out what the Aliens there might be up to when they receive the first interstellar transmission from Earth and find out if Mr. Rogers has what it takes to move onto round two of Rock Chalk Cock Talk. It's all stupid, its not really news... but who really cares. 

Email your listener questions to: 


Nov. 12th News Brief: Confessions of a Newsy Neighbor

November 12th, 2019

The Newsy Neighbors News Brief - Weekly picks to consume real quick!

This week Ace confides in the podcast about his battle with addiction.

Email us!




S2 Ep. 8 Mike O’Malley Breaks Silence In Global GUTS Controvrsy

November 6th, 2019

Public Service Announcement: This is your brain... This is your brain on Zain...

The Newsy Neighbors are back at it again with another episode chock full of zainy takes and stupid news. Join us as we test out a couple new segments including who The Best Maine is on the podcast.

A Nickelodeon Guts audience member graces Beaver Studios with his presence and we reminisce on some of our fondest childhood memories.

Nicey recounts his chance encounter as a young naked boy with the man who inspired the show, Newsy Lalonde and we try our best to learn something new as we take a walk back in time and find out what pops with the cast.

A listener question gets posed that is as timely as it is interesting and if you want to be a part of the show hit us with your questions at


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